Surgical Appointment

Surgical Appointment

This is our Surgical Appointment protocol for pets who are booked in for surgical procedures.


Your pet has been booked in to have a procedure with us.
This sheet will give you guidance on what to do both on arrival at the surgery and prior to the appointment.

Currently, due to COVID-19 we are not allowing client into the practice. Because of this we would ask that you telephone us on 01366 382219 on arrival at the surgery.

  • Please ensure your pet has no food after 11pm the evening before their procedure. They are fine to have free access to water beforehand.
  • We will ask you to arrive at the surgery between 8:30am and 9am on the morning of your procedure. In some cases, we will ask you to phone at 10am for a set time to be given as to your arrival at the practice. This will be outlined at the bottom of the sheet.
  • On arrival, one of our nursing team will go through a consent form with you. Due to COVID-19 we are gaining verbal consent (two nurses will be present to hear you give your verbal consent for the procedure), rather than you physically signing the form. By giving us your verbal consent, it means you are giving us permission to carry out the surgical procedure.
  • We will give you the option of having a pre-operative blood test to check that your pet is in the ideal condition for surgery. The cost of this test is £43.50 and is carried out at the surgery prior to sedation. Providing there is no problem we will then go ahead with the procedure, however, if we are in any doubt regarding the results, we will contact you to discuss our suggested course of action.
  • Your pet will also be given a 24-hour pain relief injection when in with us. We will then give you the option of following the pain relief up with a short course for them to go home on.

If you have any questions about the procedure itself, or what to do beforehand, please contact us on 01366 382219.

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