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Innovative Products - Bolt

If you are trying to get your cats weight down it can be frustrating when a reduction in food quantity...

Practice Updates

As a rabbit owner did you know that blowflies can cause a maggot infestation on your pet which can cause serious damage...

Special Offers

Would you like to save money, spread the cost of your yearly vaccination and give your pet the benefit of VIP parasite control...

Useful Information

Is your pet's vaccination overdue? If your pet has not received a vaccination within the last year we would consider it to be overdue.

Fluid Therapy

Animals commonly need to receive intravenous fluid therapy. This can be because they are undergoing major surgery...

Lungworm and it's Prevention

We are increasingly being asked about the potentially fatal problem of lungworm infestation in dogs.

Pet Health Care Scheme

We are introducing a new product which is more cost effective and one that we can guarantee...


The condition of Pyo-metra is literally defined as pus/purulent material within the uterus.

Surgical Appointment

This is our Surgical Appointment protocol for pets who are booked in for surgical procedures. We will give you the option of having a pre-operative blood test to check that your pet...


This condition is literally defined as air within the mediastinum. The mediastinum is the space between the two lungs where the windpipe, gullet, blood vessels and nerves pass through the chest.

Seasonal Canine Illness - SCI

In recent years, during autumn, several dogs which have been walked in woodlands suddenly became ill. In some cases dogs did not recover.