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New Flea Treatment

We have launched two new flea products in to the practice to provide your pets with the best quality treatments available. Please find details under our Information Centre.

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If your cat is overweight and you are trying to get the weight down it can be frustrating when a reduction in food quantity or using a prescription weight reducing diet is not sufficient. Many cats struggle to break the habit of lying around with no interest in exercise. Step forward Bolt-



A combination of reduced calories and exercise is a potent combination which will enable you to achieve easier weight gain in your pet. Bolt is basically a laser toy with the following features -

  • Random laser patterns engage your cat in fun, interactive play.

  • Automatic mode moves the laser in random patterns for hands-free play session.

  • Manual mode lets you point the laser in unique laser patterns.

  • Timer automatically turns off toy after 15 minutes.

  • Adjustable mirror to aim laser across different surfaces.